Glo Sports Jacket, Zip Up Hooded Jacket for Men: Cool and Trendy Design

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  • We designed these Jacket for men which are not only one of its kind, but also will definitely enhance your nightlife experience.
  • Whether it is rave party, EDM music festival, VIP party or any other special nightlife occasion, you will Wear it you will go from 0 to 100 making you stand out from the crowd.

A Dance of Light: Cool and Trendy Zip Up Hooded Jackets for Men

Dazzling Design: Sports Jacket, Zip Up Hooded Jacket for Men Step into the limelight with these cool and trendy zip-up hooded jackets for men, merging athletic functionality with a radiant display of colors. Watch as your ensemble becomes a living, breathing work of art, striking a harmonious balance between sporty flair and unforgettable style.

Woven Wonder: Fiber Optic Fabric, Cotton, Polyester A masterful blend of fiber optic fabric, cotton, and polyester weaves an exquisite tapestry of comfort and innovation. This celestial combination casts a mesmerizing glow, transforming your attire into a vibrant statement that dances through the night.

Guarding the Galaxy: Hand Wash Instructions Preserve your luminous treasure with tender care, gently hand washing in water up to 50°C using natural soap. Exercise caution by removing the battery box before washing and avoiding the abrasive touch of washing machines, dryers, or irons. Allow it to hang dry, basking in the gentle embrace of the air.

A Seamless Embrace: Zipper Closure Seal your wearable constellation with a sleek zipper closure. This unobtrusive addition ensures your radiant masterpiece remains undisturbed, allowing you to navigate the cosmos in effortless style.

The Perfect Alignment: Size Chart and Assistance To achieve a harmonious fit that mirrors your essence, consult the detailed size chart with precision. If uncertainty persists, our attentive customer support stands ready to guide you towards the ideal size, ensuring your jacket is a true reflection of your spirit.

A Universe of Brilliance: H-Tech Fabric, 7 Colors, 5 Patterns, and USB Rechargeable Elevate your wardrobe with H-Tech fabric, a groundbreaking patented technology that evenly disperses light, crafting a captivating aesthetic. Illuminate your presence with 7 mesmerizing colors and 5 entrancing LED flashing patterns, making you the epicenter of attention. Recharge your jacket’s light effortlessly with the included USB cable, liberating you from the confines of disposable batteries.

Celestial Celebrations: Occasions and Glowing Effect These fiber optic jackets make unforgettable gifts for Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, and festivals. Set yourself apart at parties, stages, clubs, performances, concerts, and music festivals, or light up the night while cycling or running. The glowing effect becomes a radiant beacon in darker environments, beckoning you to embrace the night.

Follow the instruction book to care for your illuminated masterpiece. With a one-year warranty for electronic accessories, step boldly into a realm of self-expression and immerse yourself in a dance of light.

Features of Sports Jacket for Men: Cool and Versatile Style

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Model No.

glo -1101


S, M, L, XL



Light Color

Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Light Blue, Purple, White

Light Mode

Monochrome, Flash, Gradual, Smooth, Polychromatic

Light Control

APP Software Control

Duration Time

3-15 hours

Charging Time

4.5 hours

Battery Capacity

1000 mAh


1*APP Battery Box, 1*Operating Manual, 1*USB Cable

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